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Her Own Home is a non-profit committed to increasing the number of black and brown female homeowners through educational programming, financial education, and social networking.

We address a complex intersection. Single women continue to dominate the first-time homebuyer's market, but Black and Latina women remain the hardest hit by economic inequality. Homeowners maintain 30x the wealth of renters, but Black families sustain homeownership rates near segregation-era lows, and black females are often caught at a tough intersection.  Through shared resources, education, and sisterhood, we are committed to supporting women of color through their homeownership journeys to change the status quo.

Together, we can, and will, build a stronger generation of future homeown(her)s.

We just want all of our girlfriends to own homes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to decreasing the gap in underrepresented female homeowners by increasing their access to financial education, mentorship, and sisterhood.. 


By getting our girlfriends into home(s) earlier, we seek to change the financial and wealth trajectory of black and brown families. 


Our Vision

We are committed to changing the narrative about homeownership – one woman at a time. We imagine a neighborhood of our sisters, young and old, holding properties in their name across the country. Properties that can, and will, appreciate in value and be passed down to future generations.

We Need Your Support Today!

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